Hailstone damages crops in remote Mid-Western Nepal

RUKUM: The hailstone occurred on Friday evening damaged winter crops in more than a dozen VDCs in the district. The wheat and vegetables in Athabisdandagaon, Athbiskot, Duli, Magma, Jhula, Banphikot, Pipal, Pokhara, Pwang were badly damaged with the hailstone, said locals.

Even the leguminous plats were caused damage.

The locals further said especially the mountainous areas witnessed heavy hailstone causing more damages.

Tirkha Lal Gharti from Athabisdanda said the wheat and vegetables in the mountainous areas were completely destroyed.

Moreover, the storm blew away the roofs of many houses and schools, said the District Police Office, adding, it was garnering detailed information from different parts of the district.