On Int’l May Day, Nepal’s executive chief pledges rights to workers

khil raj regmi

KATHMANDU: As the nation was marking the International May 1 today, Chairman of Interim Election Council Khil Raj Regmi has assured the laborers that the government would work for their welfare in the future.

In a message on the occasion of the International May Day 2013 through the state-owned news agency, Regmi said that remarkable efforts were underway for equality, justice, social security, independence and economic prosperity coupled with laborers’ demand for respect to labor.

Regmi said that political stability was needed to ensure laborers’ rights though expected success was not achieved to that end so far.
He also urged all laborers to actively participate in the upcoming elections to the Constituent Assembly (CA).

Meanwhile, Nepali Congress President Sushil Koirala has also pledged to work for the welfare and rights promotion of the laborers.