‘CA polls at any cost’

CPN UML Chairman Jhalnath Khanal

BIRATNAGAR: CPN (UML) Chairman Jhalanath Khanal has said that the upcoming Constituent Assembly (CA) election would not be prevented at any cost despite obstructions from some sides.

Talking to journalists at Biratnagar Airport today, Khanal said the CA election was the only option to end the country’s present deadlock.

According to the state-owned news agency, Khanal also urged all not to harbor doubts on CA election, as the CA election would be conducted by mid-November after promulgating the election act soon.

All should utilize the election instead of protesting, as election was the backbone of democracy, the former prime minister said.

Khanal who is also the coordinator of the high-level political committee said that the four major political powers would create conducive environment to ensure participation of all dissenting political parties in the upcoming CA polls.

On the occasion, Khanal said that the UML would not turn back from its earlier stance on threshold of ballot imposed on political parties for their representation in the CA under the proportional electoral system.