Nepal’s hardliner Maoist rules out CA election by incumbent government


Birgunj: An influential leader of the Mohan Baidya led CPN Maoist has claimed that the incumbent Khilaraj Regmi led Interim Election government cannot hold Constituent Assembly elections.

General secretary of the party Ram Bahadur Thapa aka Badal, made such claim arguing that Chairperson of the government Regmi lacked proper credentials to do so.

Badal’s statement comes at a time when his party, one of the 33 political parties that have announced to boycott the CA elections, is struggling internally on holding negotiations with the Regmi government over outstanding issues.

Speaking at a press interaction program organized by the Revolutionary Journalist Federation Parsa branch on Sunday, Badal ruled out dialogue with the government unless the 25 point deal made by the four major political parties is scrapped.

He maintained that his party was not against dialogue or elections, but said that his party would not support an agreement that was set up for external forces.

The CPN Maoist and other members of its alliance have accused that the four major political parties had agreed to the 25 point deal due to pressure from external forces.

He reiterated that the Regmi government should be dissolved, power should be restored in the hands of political parties and a round table conference should be arranged to draft the new constitution.

Badal said that holding a round table conference is the CPN Maoist’s proposition to draft the constitution.

He warned that his party would launch fierce protest programs if the four major political parties did not scrap the 25 point agreement.