Sushil ready to use Regmi as a bait for garnering consensus

Sushil Koirala

KATHMANDU: Nepali Congress President Sushil Koirala has said that his party was ready forming another government if it would ensure conducive environment for hold Constituent Assembly elections.

Speaking to journalists in Pokhara on Tuesday, the NC President said that Chairman of the Interim Election Council (IEC) Khila Raj Regmi should step down if his resignation ensures all political parties’ participation in the CA election.

Koirala’s statement came in response to the CPN Maoist and its alliance of 33 dissenting political parties who have been demanding the dissolution of the Regmi government as one of their 12 preconditions to participate in the CA elections.
Reverberating the voices of those dissenting parties, Koirala also stressed on the need to break the ongoing four party syndicate in making political and national decisions and making the decision-making process more inclusive.

Though he did not elaborate on any recommendations or alternatives, Koirala said that he would urge Regmi to step down from the post if it ensured conducive environment to hold inclusive CA elections.

On the occasion he urged all political parties to work jointly for common national interests by brushing aside their personal and partisan interests.