New bird species make Chitwan home to 571 bird species

Chitwan home to 571 bird species Nepal

RATNANAGAR: A study of birds in Chitwan has found 15 news species of bird in the hilly (Mahabharat) region of the district. The 10-day long study was carried out after a gap of nine years at the joint initiative of Bird Education Society and Ornithologists Association.

According to the findings shared here on Monday, a similar study carried out nine years ago had found 237 species of bird in the Mahabharat region, which is now found to have increased to 252.

According to central regional coordinator of the Association, Basu Bindari, this brings the total number of species of birds found in the district to 571.

Nepal is home to 871 species of birds including 159 species which are on the verge of extinction.

The study also looked into the situation of birds and their habitation in the Mahabharat region.

Fifteen Ornithologists were involved in the study that took place in Kaule, Upadarangadhi, Chisapanitar and Siraichuli and Jandala of east Chitwan and in the Chure region of the Chitwan National Park.