Aanandkuti puts Buddha relic on display in Kathmandu

KATHMANDU: The relic of Lord Buddha has been displayed here in Swoyambhu based Aanandakuti monastery in the capital today.

The relic (bodily remains) was displayed by the Sri Lankan Ambassador to Nepal W.M Senevirathna on the occasion of the 2557th birth anniversary of Lord Buddha.

The relic will be put on display for the public until today evening. The relic was brought to Nepal from Ramchaitya Sri Lanka by Narad Thera in 2003 BS. The relic was missing for a long time, and was found in 2053 BS.

As per the programme, blood donation has also been organized. Preparations are being made to feed rice pudding for some 20,000 public.

Chairman of the Interim Election Council of Ministers, Khil Raj Regmi, will address a special Buddhist Assembly at 4:00 pm today, said Buddhist Monk Kaudinya.