US Nepalese demand for voting rights in CA elections

KATHMANDU: With Nepal’s major political parties still struggling to fix a date for holding Constituent Assembly (CA), Nepalese residing in the United States have demanded voting rights during it.

The Nepali Association of Northern Carolina on Sunday urged political parties to ensure such a right for all the Non Residential Nepalese in the upcoming by organizing a press meet at the Reporters Club Nepal in Kathmandu.

Speakers at the meeting said that the Nepali government must ensure dual citizenship to NRNs like other nations have provided to their diasporas.

President of the organization Uttam Karki said that it was their compulsion to migrate overseas for seeking employments and urged the Nepali government to treat them as their nationals and not foreigners.

On the occasion, Reporters Club Nepal’s president Rishi Dhamala stressed on the need to take into confident all Nepalese residing abroad for the all-round development of the nation.

He said that the state should play positive role in responding to the concerns of Nepalese residing outside the nation.