Teen girls burns to death in Rajbiraj

RAJBIRAJ: A girl of Saptari who was burned while committing suicide, died this morning while undergoing treatment in a hospital.

Fighting for life for the past eight days, the daughter of Laxmi Mandal of Mansapur of Babhangamakatti VDC -7 died at Sagarmatha Zonal Hospital today.

Although she was referred to other well equipped hospitals for treatment after most of her parts of the body were burned, she was being treated in Rajbiraj for lack of means and resources, said a family member.

She had tried to commit suicide by sprinkling petrol on her body on May 24 morning after her lover did not agree to marry her.

Relatives of the deceased said, she committed suicide after the groom side disagreed to marry her even after being pressurised after there were rumours of love between Lalita and a local Jitendra Mandal, son of Kapileswor Manda