Nepal’s hardliner Maoist setting up armed force to foil proposed CA elections


Dang: Nepal’s hardliner Maoist- CPN Maoist- has escalated its efforts to foil the proposed Constituent Assembly (CA) elections on November 19.

The party and its allies have been protesting the proposed CA elections by putting forward various differences. But the latest revelations that the party has been training its cadres to capture voting booths in Dang has hinted at the extent to which this former rebel party can go to put a stopper on the government’s intention to hold fair and fearless CA elections.

The party has been organizing baton charging training sessions to its cadres in Dang to defend themselves from the security forces when they will capture CA elections booth, CPN Maoist’s district in-charge Subash Pun said to the Nagariknews.

” We are training our cadres so that they can defend themselves against any attack from security forces while they capture voting booths,” Pun is quoted by the newspaper.

The move comes at a time when some influential leaders of the party have been pressing to raise arms against the CA elections. But Pun said that they have been not asked for armed training and said that they are ready for such measure if the party leadership orders.

“Presently we are training cadres in baton combat. Party leadership has not directed for armed training. But if it does than we are ready for that too,” Pun said.

The party has created combat groups ranging from 10-100 members in them in every 39 VDC of the district and has organized them under a organization named Nepal People’s Volunteer Bureau.

Presently the bureau in Dang alone has over 3 thousand members, party sources claimed. However the training has also focused on saving the voters from being harmed during the confrontation between security forces and the Maoist cadres, Pun added.