Pokhara youths break syndicate in public transport system

KATHMANDU: Syndication in transportation and other public utilities is not a new thing in Nepal. However in Pokhara some youths challenged the monopoly of the Pokhara Bus Entrepreneurs Committee on Friday by opening another competitive transportation committee.

The new committee has introduced 58 A/C Euro 3 standard passengers buses on the route even though chief of the District Administration Office Yadav Prasad Koirala had denied to provide security to the committee against attack from the existing bus entrepreneurs.

However the youth-led committee is hopeful of receiving security from the state while they provide quality service to the locality.

The new committee named as Bindabasini Bus Enterpeneurs Committee was not allowed to bring its buses into operation by the existing committee even though it had acquired necessary permissions to do so.

The new committee started its services in Pokhara on Friday amid a rally and speakers at the rally committed to provide quality services to their consumers.

Though Nepal’s supreme court had directed the government to break all the existing syndicate systems in public utilities the government and political parties have shown no interest in implementing the orders.

Existence of syndicate system has led to poor and uncompetitive services to the general public while few personals who operate the system have been taking undue advantage from such systems.