Monsoon flooding sweeps away micro hydro-power project in Syangja

SYANGJA: A canal of the Putpute-II Micro Hydropower Project based in Chitrebhanjyang VDC, the remote area in Syangja district, has been washed away by the recent monsoon flood that has wreaked havoc in several parts of the country, according to Nepal’s state-owned news agency (RSS).

Locals said that the entire VDC has suffered power cuts after the project with capacity of 98 Kilowatt failed to generate power.

Similarly, mobile phone towers, two drinking water projects, eight grinding mills, four poultry farms and a television cable network have also been closed due to power cuts, former VDC Chairman Manorath Sharma said.

The villagers had constructed the Hydel project by supplying water through a 1,610 meters long canal after constructing a dam in Putputekhola.

Sharma said some Rs 1.5 million is required to repair the damaged canal and embankment.

A total of 834 households of the entire VDC were benefited by the power generated from the project. Sharma said the project would remain closed for at least two months in need of maintenance.