Poll in Nov to safeguard democracy, NC leader Badu says

KANCHANPUR: Nepali Congress Spokesperson Dilendra Prasad Badu has said that elections were essential to save democracy.

Speaking at a press conference organized by Nepal Press Union at Mahendranagar on Thursday, he said CA elections must be held at any cost on November 19.

Stating that all parties are ready for elections, the NC leader expressed the confidence that the dissenting parties would also ultimately join the electoral process.

On a different note, NC spokesperson Badu claimed that the floods in Darchula were a result of neighbouring India releasing water from the Dhauliganga dam.

“The damage in Darchula, Kanchanpur was a result of the sudden surge in water levels in Mahakali river after India opened the Dhauliganga dam”, he said.

A joint technical team of the two countries should carried out a geological study of the affected site to ensure that such mishap is not repeated in the future.

The technical committee could also bring out the exact detail of the damage in Darchula, he added.

Leader Badu also suggested that a concrete dam should be constructed in Mahakali through diplomatic initiative with neighbouring India.