Senior journalist Purushottam Dahal is also a novel writer

KATHMANDU: A new novel by senior journalist Purushottam Dahal has been released in the capital on Friday amidst a function.

Culture expert Satya Mohan Joshi, litterateur Geeta Kesari, Dr Kedar Narsingh KC and writer Dahal’s spouse Shanta Dahal released the novel.

On the occasion, Joshi said Shanta, who donated her liver to a patient suffering from liver cancer, should be honoured by every Nepali as a mother of courage and humanitarianism.

Joshi described the novel as a best example of philanthropy.

Likewise, commenting on the novel, Dr Kul Prasad Koirala and Dr Kumar Koirala said the novel would add a new chapter to Nepali literature and that Shanta who donated part of her liver is a source inspiration for all the Nepalis.

Writer Dahal announced establishing the ‘Shanta Liver Cancer Support Fund’ with proceeds from the sale of the novel to support those suffering from liver cancer.

Former Deputy Speaker Purna Kumari Subedi emphasized that the State should honour and support Shanta Dahal, who performed an exemplary deed by giving a new life to a cancer patient.

The novel is based on the writer’s experience since his spouse Shanta decided and ultimately donated part of her liver to her maternal uncle, who was a doctor himself and facing imminent death due to liver cancer.