Nepalis in US on fund raising campaign to assist Former Prime Minister Shrestha

FLORIADA (America): The Nepali people living in the US have launched a fund raising campaign with the objective of providing financial assistance for the treatment of former Prime Minister Marichman Shrestha. Mr Shrestha, suffering from lungs cancer, is receiving treatment at Medant Hospital in India for some weeks.

‘It’s a duty of every Nepali to save the life of nation-saving leader,’ said literary person Gyanendra Gadal.

The Nepalis living in Florida, Colorado, Texas, Atlanta, New York, Washington DC, Boston and South Carolina states are collecting the money.

After the publication of news that ailing Mr Shrestha lacked money for treatment, different institutions and the kind Nepalis are spontaneously donating for his treatment.

They have further urged the Government of Nepal to heed his treatment.