Voters’ number sharply decreases in Udayapur

UDAYAPUR: Number of voters has decreased in Udayapur district this year as compared to voters’ list collected for the previous election to the Constituent Assembly (CA).

A total of 144,694 people have registered their names in bio-metric voters’ list with photograph in the district this year. The district has one Municipality and 44 VDCs, according to the District Election Officer, Krishna Pudasaini.

As many as 220,028 people had registered their names in the voters’ list in the previous CA election held in 2064 BS. The number is less by 75,343, said the District Election Office.

Pudasaini said that the number of voters has decreased due to various reasons including foreign employment and control in registering names from different places.

Similarly, UCPN (Maoist) District In-Charge Mohan Poudel said that the number of voters has decreased due to lack of information about biometric voters’ list and effective publicity, as well as lengthy process.