‘Belbari incident distorted’

KATHMANDU: The National Dalits Commission has said that attempts were underway to give an excuse to perpetrators of inhuman Belbari incident by giving a separate twist to the incident.

A woman from Dalit community was inhumanly tortured when she disclosed a misbehaviour carried out against her.

Organizing a press conference at Reporters Club, Commission’s Chairwoman Sushila Sirpaili said that the victim woman is not in the state of getting justice as the issue is getting an U-turn with the backing of powers.

She however said that the Dalit community and rights activists would expose the incident if things go against the rights of victim woman.

Sirpaili accused the administration of being reluctant to file the case against Discrimination and Untouchability (Offence and Punishment) Act, 2068.

She said the Commission has deployed its members Khem Bahadur Nepali and Anita Pariyar to a field study and also join hands together with the National Women’s Commission to provide justice to the victim.