Madhes-based could go unitedly in CA poll, Mahantha Thakur reveals

mahanta thakur

BIRGUNJ: Chairman of Tarai-Madhes Loktantrik Party Mahantha Thakur has hinted at poll alliance among the Tarai-based political parties in the upcoming November 19 CA poll.

Speaking at a meet the press here today, Thakur said that the Madhes-based parties have been discussing for an alternative for going to CA election with an election alliance if initiative for working unity was not successful.

However, many analysts doubt the poll unity of the Madhes-based parties due to their lust for power.

He pointed out the need of federalism which makes every people as part of social and economic transformation of Nepal, equal behavior to each language, religion and culture and all Nepalis.

Thakur said that the government and High-Level Political Committee should lend a hand for co-work with the dissenting parties including CPN-Maoist for their participation in the second CA election.