Hindus celebrate Janai Purnima & Rakshya Bandhan

Priest tying doro on devotees hand in Kathmandu

KATHMANDU: Hindus throughout the country are celebrating Janai Purnima and Rakshya Bandhan on Wednesday. As part of the festival Brahmins and Chhetris put on new janai (sacred thread) after a bath and receive a protective thread on their hand from their pandit.

Along with that Hindus in the terai region and some road side towns and cities in the mountain regions, are also celebrating Rakshya Bandhan today.

As part of the festival, sisters tie color threads (rakhis) on the hand of their brothers and wish for their successful lives.

The festival is marked with festivities which includes kwati (a soup of beans). Devotees gather in temples, rivers and ponds on this day to take a bath and have doro tied around their wrists.