6.2 thousand Nepalese out of contact in Malyasia


KATHMANDU: Malaysia, one of the most frequented destinations by Nepalese job seekers, seems to be gaining a worst reputation. Reports have claimed that so far six thousand and two hundred Nepalese have gone missing in Malaysia.

Migrant Nepali Coordination Committee (MNCC), an organization which has been closely monitoring the dissappearance of Nepali migrant workers in Malaysia reported that these Nepalese went missing in Malaysia where they had reached for employment.

“Of these one thousand and 2 hundred are totally disappeared. Neither they are in touch with their relatives back at home nor anyone in Malaysia knows about them,” President of the MNCC, Mahendra Pandey said.

MNCC has been continously searching the records of migrant workers in Malaysia by visiting them and their relatives in Nepal.

The report further suggested that around five thousand Nepalese have married with foriegn woman and settled down in Malaysia.

And of these 2 thousand Nepalese are already married back at home and to avoid their families to know about these they have severed contact with their family, Pandey said.

90 percent of these Nepalese have married Indonesian girls, a report in Nagarik Dainik on Tuesday reported. Remaining 10 percent have married with Phillipino and other local women.

Most of them are hiding in Malaysia and some of them have resettled in the country of their spouse, the report said.