Pak security official confirms ‘beyond doubt’ Hafiz Saeed’s link to US-banned Peshawar madrassa

Washington, Aug. 28: A Pakistani security official has confirmed the Peshawar madrassa slapped with US sanctions for being an alleged terror training centre has huge funding from Saudi Arabia and Gulf states.

The unnamed security official said that the links between the madrasa and Lashkar-e-Taiba as well as its political arm Jamaat-ud-Dawa are beyond any doubt.

He added that the ideological leader of the madrasa, Sheikh Aminullah had close links with a militant group named Shah Sahib that is fighting US troops in Afghanistan.

According to the Christian Science Monitor, both the group and Aminullah hail from the same Islamic school of thought called the Ahl al-Hadith.

Both the US and the UN have designated Aminullah as a terrorist for providing material support to Al Qaeda and the Taliban.

The unnamed official said that Aminullah is a staunch supporter of waging Jihad against the US troops in Afghanistan, which is evident from the fatwas, decrees, he has issued in favor of fighting occupant forces in Afghanistan.

The Islamic seminary has insisted it does not have any links with terror organizations, but teaches only religion and Arabic grammar, adding that the first-ever US Treasury sanctions against a madrassa will have no adverse effects.

Haji Alam Sher, administrator of the Jamia Taleem-ul Quran Wal-Sunnah, said that the institution has not received any foreign funding to run the madrassa, adding that the funds for the students in the institution were generated through a soap factory. (ANI)