Over 13 houses buried in Dhankuta landslide, over 100 displaced

DHANKUTA: Some 13 houses were buried in a landslide that took place near Mulghat of Dhankuta on Friday evening.

Landslide triggered by incessant rainfall swept away houses in Mahabharat, Budhimorang and Bhedetar VDCs with more than 100 people displaced, security personnel mobilised in the affected site said.

Likewise, many more houses in Ghante, Garjuwa and Kharanekhola area are at risk of falling into the landslide.

The mudslide has also obstructed the Koshi highway, with more than 100 vehicles stranded in between.

Continuous rainfall and the large coverage of the landslide have affected rescue and relief work, Superintendent of Police of Dhankuta Iswari Prasad Chapagain said.

The extent of the damage caused is yet to be known, police said.

Efforts are on since early this morning to remove the debris and clear the highway, as well as rescue those affected, Chief District Officer Rameswar Dangal said.