Biker kills 2 in Bhaktapur road accident

BHAKTAPUR: Two pedestrians were killed in a road accident at Thimi along the Araniko Highway in Bhaktapur district on Friday night.

The pedestrians Sabin Prajapati (12) of Madhyapur Thimi-1 and Keshari Maiya Bhasima (62) of Madhyapur Thimi-9 were knocked down by a motorbike (Sa. 3 Pa. 8492), and were critically injured.

The injured Prajapati died at around 10:00 pm while undergoing treatment at Madhyapur Hospital and Bhasima at Norvic Hospital at 12:00 pm, according to the police.

The biker Rawal Kumar Sah (20) of Saptari district, currently living at Duwakot VDC, was taken under control by the police.

He is also being treated at B&B Hospital, Gwarko in Lalitpur, said police.

Locals here have protested the accident and have called closure of the road since 8:00 am this morning.