Rabbies death toll reaches 3 in Jajarkot, vaccine still elusive

JAJARKOT: Three people died of rabies infection after being bitten by stray dogs in the district recently. The deceased are Bal Bahadur Thapa (55) and his daughter Hari Kala Thapa (22) of Dhime VDC-1 and Ratna Bahadur Thapa (48) of Dhime VDC-5.

More than two dozens villagers have been suffering from the disease after being bitten by stray dogs at Dhime and Jagatipur VDCs.

The patients died due to shortage of anti-rabies vaccine at the District Hospital.

The stock of the vaccine has run out and the hospital has demanded for more vaccines from the Regional Health Office, said Dhir Jung Shah, Assistant Chief of the District Public Health Office, Jajarkot.