Man supposed dead returns home after 4 months

SALYAN: A man, who was reported missing from Gaurikunda, Kedarnath of India in the aftermath of the devastating floods there, returned home four months after the incident.

He is Baburam BK of Bhalchaur VDC-4. BK made a surprise call at his house on Friday.

The BK family had already performed the final rites thinking him dead after no news about his condition was received following that disaster.

BK’s family, relatives and neighbours who were exulted to see him alive gave him a fitting welcome. He was taken home accompanied by music.

The neighbours also arranged a marriage ceremony for BK and his spouse Nokhi BK at the local Shiva Temple as per the belief that the person whose death rituals have already been performed has to be remarried if that person comes home.

BK said he only learned that he had been rescued by the Indian army when he gained consciousness in hospital. “Seeing many colleagues dead, I thought that I would not live,” he said. He stayed at the hospital for nearly two months and reached home six days after being discharged from hospital.

The hospital had given him Indian Rs. 2,500 as bus fare. He said he still felt weak due to the wounds in different parts of his body.

A total of 31 people from Salyan district had died due to the devastating flooding, it is learnt.