Bhaktapur gets additional police posts

BHAKTAPUR: The government has set up additional police sectors and police posts with new postings at different places in Bhaktapur district.

These police posts have been set up under the Bhaktapur Metropolitan Police Range (MPR).

According to SP Jagat Man Shrestha, the MPR In-charge, the additional number of police sectors and units are aimed at ensuring law and order and maintaining peace in the district.

Apart from teh addition of sectors and units, government has also formed a Police Major Incident Support Taskforce (PMIST) in Bhaktapur. First of its kind in Bhaktapur, PMIST comprises of 125 members under the command of Police Inspector.

Likewise, the MPR will also be coordinating a separate tourist police unit in Bhaktapur. The seven-member team to be led by a Sub-Inspector will be stationed at Bhaktapur Durbar Square.