Carter center pitches to support police to repel anti-poll activities

KATHMANDU: The US based Carter Center has urged the government to provide full support to its police force for repelling any anti-poll activities.  In its observation report on Nepal’s voters’ registration released on Tuesday, the Center led by former President of United States Jimmy Carter, the center has stated that the government should stand true to its obligation to support every Nepali’s right to security.

While stating that every citizen and political party in a democratic nation is free to boycott elections, the Center said that all parties and their supporters should respect the right and aspirations of others to participate and choose their representatives.

The code has also urged all political parties to respect and abide with the electoral code of conduct. The Centers concerns and recommendations came at a time when the CPN Maoist led 33 dissenting party alliance has threatened to obstruct the Constituent Assembly elections slated for November 19.