Nembang calls for bringing dissenting parties on board

subas nembang

ILAM : Former Chairman of the erstwhile Constituent Assembly and CPN UML leader Subash Nembang has stressed on the need to bring dissenting political parties to participate in the upcoming CA elections.

Nembang said so while addressing election campaign in Ilam second constituency from where he is contending the CA elections.

He said that brining the dissenting political parties, including the CPN Maoist is imperative for resolving the ongoing political deadlock and holding peacful CA elections that would pave way for the drafting of the new constitution.

“The election process will be smooth and it will be easy to draft new constitution if all the political parties participate in the election ,” Nembang said.

On the occassion, Nembang added that the upcoming CA will institutionalize the gains of the first CA.