NRN jamboree elects Ghale as leader

NRNA President Shesh Ghale

KATHMANDU: The Sixth General Assembly of the Non Residential Nepalese Association has elected Shesh Ghale as its president.  The jamboree tested both contenders Ghale and South Korea based Tenzi Sherpa after talks to select a President through consensus failed.

Ghale got the top post with 510 votes and Sherpa bagged 280 votes.

Similarly, Bhawan Bhatta has been elected Vice-Chairman, Kumar Pant as General Secretary, Ranju Pant as secretary and Badri KC has been elected as the treasurer from Ghale’s panel.

Bhatta garnered 348 votes, Pant 395 votes, Thapa 272 votes and KC garnered 472 votes.

Ghale reportedly got to have received the support of all three candidates–UK-based Hitman Gurung, Germany-based Ram Pratap Thapa and UAE-based Rameshwor– who withdrew from the race for the top post.

Meanwhile, Ganga Rai has been elected the coordinator for Asia, Rabindra Prasad Shrestha as the Vice-Coordinator, Arjun Shrestha as the coordinator for Europe, Chandra Roka as the coordinator for mid-east and Hikmat Thapa as the coordinator for Africa.

A total of 1,302 voters elected a 22-member new NRNA executive body for two years.