Give us majority to protect democracy: Koirala

nepali congress president sushil koirala

Majority for Nepali Congress (NC) is imperative in the upcoming Constituent Assembly polls for safeguarding democracy in the country, according to NC president Sushil Koirala. Koirala made such statement while addressing a corner meeting as part of the election campaigning of his party in Chitwan today.
“Majority for Nepali Congress is a pre-requisite for the protection of democracy, development of Chitwan and constitution promulgation,” Koirala said.
“NC is the party that practice what it preaches. So our party can only work for the benefits of the people,” he claimed.
Referring to the dissolution of the erstwhile Constituent Assembly, Koirala argued that it has failed as his party lack a majority there. Koirala claimed that NC can ensure the promulgation of new constitution within a year if it gets majority in the upcoming CA polls.
He also expressed his commitment for his party’s support to the expanding cooperative enterprises in Chitwan. Chitwan has witnessed a rapid development of the cooperative enterprises in recent years.