CA election a recipe of conflict, warns civil society leaders

Kathmandu: Civil society leaders have warned that the country could plunge into another conflict after the Constituent Assembly polls.  Predicting another conflict following the CA-election, they have also expressed their worries about it.  The civil society leaders have also taken exception over the upcoming CA polls putting CPN-Maoist, a big political bloc, out of the election process. They have warned that such election could be the recipe of the conflict.

Speaking at a face-to-face interaction programme organised today by Reporters Club Nepal in capital, they also suspect the intention of the major political parties for not bringing the CPN-Maoist on board the election process.

Constitutional lawyer Dr Bhimarjun Acharya accused the major political parties for leaving CPN-Maoist behind with the intentions of not promulgating the constitution and holding the CA polls.

Acharya accused the political parties of inviting confrontation by mobilising the Nepal Army in the CA polls. “The rationale of NA is also being put under stake by mobilising it during the polls after destroying legislative, judiciary and executive organs of the state ” he argued.

Claiming that the upcoming CA could not promulgate the constitution, Political analyst Mumaram Khanal dubbed the CA elections a mere drama. “The peace process has not reached a conclusion yet and the election boycotted by the force, a major part of the peace process, does not bode well to the country’s overall peace process,” he said.

Likewise, another political analyst Dr Surendra KC claimed that the CA polls were the grand design of the international forces to destablise Nepal. Reasoning that the position of all major parties is weak, he predicted that the polls could be postponed.

Human rights activist Charan Prasai claimed that the result of upcoming CA polls would be nothing more than handing over the government.  “Examples are that there were protests of indigenous nationalities and Madhes when their issues were not enshrined in the Interim Constitution. So, if we do not bring the CPN_maoist in board the election process, another protest by the Maoist is inevitable,” Prasai said.  He opined that there would be no difference in holding CA polls in March/April making an agreement with the CPN-Maoist.

Another human rights activist Sudip Pathak argued that the upcoming CA formed through this election can only form government, but not the constitution. “Such government would be a weakest government,” Pathak said.