Baidya-led Maoist urges for poll deferral, reiterates RTC demand

Kathmandu: CPN-Maoist has demanded the immediate postponement of the Constituent Assembly polls going to be held by putting them outside the process. The CPN-Maoist, which has vowed to disrupt the polls, has also urged government and four major political parties to seriously consider its demands and start a dialogue with them.
Issuing a press release today, CPN-Maoist chairperson Mohan Baidya has reiterated its demand of Round-Table-Conference (RTC) to give an outlet to the political impasse. “We make special request to the four major political parties and the government to postpone the election going to be held without national consensus and initiate result-oriented dialogues and the RTC as proposed by the alliance,” read the press release.
Likewise, Baidya has also made an appeal to other political parties, civil society and intellectuals to take an initiation on this regard.
Baidya-led CPN-Maoist has also condemned the crackdown, arrest and prosecution of its leaders and cadres across the nation while boycotting the election- ‘a practice of democratic rights.’ It has also demanded the immediate and unconditional release of its leaders and cadres, arrested while boycotting the CA polls.
Stating that the CA election, a major component of the peace process, Baidya has also claimed that there was no meaning and rationale of the CA polls without the participation of the CPN-Maoist, a major force involved in the ‘people’s war. He has also warned that the CA constituted without their participation could not produce a constitution but only invite further conflict.