Khadka lands in Police net on swindling charge

Kathmandu: Police has nabbed Sunil Khadka for allegedly swindling money from many gullible job-seekers by promising them to send abroad. He is also involved with the Non Nepali Resident Association (NRNA) in Thailand. Former crown prince Paras had lived with Khadka in latter’s apartment in  last December following a security threat. He  had also taken care of Paras while the latter was receiving treatment in a Thai Hospital following a major heart attack last February.
Khadka has also established an organization Youth Movement for Motherland (YMM) involving youths from Nepal and abroad for the development of Nepal.
A group of youths duped by Khadka intercepted him in Anamnagar last night and handed him to the Anamnagar Police. Khadka, doing business in Thailand, had coned many aspiring job-seekers by charging them with millions rupees pledging to send them abroad for the jobs with lucrative salary, according to a victim. The Police has said that they are investigating into the case. He has taken the leadership of YMM holding the assembly of the organisation yesterday.