Tihar begins, Kaagtihar observed today

Tihar, the second largest festival of the Nepali Hindus and alike begins from today. Also known as Yampanchak, the festival is observed for five days.
Bhai Tika falls on November 5 this year. The auspicious hour for the bhai tika this tihar is at 11:27 am, according to the Nepal Calendar Determination Committee.
The first day of the Yamapanchak today has been observed as Kaag Tihar by feeding crows, regarded as  messengers in the Nepali society.

Decorating homes with colourful lights, flowers and oil-fed lamps as well as eating various delicacies including sweets and sel roti are part of this festival of lights. Playing of deusi bhailo and worshipping of different animals and birds are also significant aspect of this festival.