Auspicious time for Bhaitika at 11:27 am

Kathmandu: The auspicious hour for the bhai tika is at 11:27 am, according to the Nepal Calendar Determination Committee.

However, the hours ahead and after it thorough out Tuesday are also equally auspicious, the Committee has said.
The fifth and last day of Tihar is Bhai Tika, when where sisters put tika on the foreheads of brothers, to ensure long life, and thank them for the protection they give.When the sisters give the tika, the brothers give gifts or money in return.

The puja follows a traditional ritual in which sisters circle brothers three times dripping oil on the floor from a copper pitcher. Afterwards, sisters put oil in brother’s ears and hair, then give tika. Breaking of walnuts by sisters before giving tika to brothers is a common practice.