No obstruction to voters, says CPN-Maoist spokesperson Bhusal

Bhaktapur: CPN-Maoist spokesperson Pampha Bhusal has said that her party would not obstructs the voters during the CA polls. Speaking at an interaction programme organised by Rafat Sanchar Club in Bhaktapur today, Bhusal said CPN-Maoist would let the voters cast their votes without any hindrances.
“Our struggle is not with police, administration and voters. So, CPN-Maoist will obstruct voters to cast their votes,” Bhusal said.
She, however, claimed that the CA polls without the participation of the CPN-Maoist cannot deliver a constitution.
“Four major political parties have moved ahead for the polls without bringing the CPN-Maoist on board the election upon the directive of foreign force. This election does not have any meaning,” she argued. She warned that the dangers of civil war was increasing from these polls rather than giving a way-out to the country.
She informed that 33-part alliance would intensify the protest programmes after November 19, a date of scheduled CA polls.
Claiming that the polls being held upon the directives of ‘RAW’ could disintegrate country, she said: “CPN-Maoist has boycotted the polls for nationality and sovereignty because corrupts and criminals have filed their candidacy for the polls.”