Nepali students participate international cultural festival in South Korea

Nepali students studying at the Ajou University, South Korea pose for a group photo in front of Nepali stall at the International Festival organized by the university recently.

KATHMANDU: Nepali students recently presented Nepali cultural, religious and natural heritages at an 44-nation participated international festival.

Nepali students studying at the Ajou University participated in the festival in the leadership of Suraj Kaduwal KC, originally from Jhapa. The festival was organized by the university.

In their special stall, these students presented pictures, artifacts, and symbols that presented some special attributes of Nepali life.

Pictures and print outs posted at the stall relayed the message that Lord Buddha was born in Nepal and that Nepal is home to world’s tallest peak- Mt. Everest.

Visitors interested in culture and arts had thronged the stall for knowing more about Nepal’s culture and life styles.

Renu Thapa, Prasansa Panta, and Sujata Bantawa danced to folk tunes in traditional Nepali attires.

Nepali students Bhojendra Tulachan, Prasansa Panta, Renu Thapa, Ganesh Paudel, Gopal Bohara, Subash Marasaini, Tikaram Aryal, Anni Vaiba, Sujata Bantawa, Sushil Bijukche, Nawraj Basnet , among others informed all the visitors about Nepal and assisted in making the event more informative.

While thanking his team for their rigurous work throughout, KC said that their objective to tell the world about Nepali culture and heritages succeded.

Around 40 Nepalese student are presently enrolled at the University. This was the first time that Nepalese students made a noteable presence in University’s program.