Madhesi parties are powermonger: Poudel

Sarlahi: Nepali Congress vice-president Ramchandra Poudel has said that the politics of the madhes based parties was merely for the government rather than for the wellbeing of the madhes.
Speaking at an election gathering in Karmaiya, Siraha today, Poudel claimed that the Madhesi parties have not made any notable contributions for the Madhes while they were in the government. “Madhesi parties have joined the government by hook or crook,” said Poudel.  He came down heavily against the madhesi parties accusing them of exhibiting double standard. “Madhesi parties tend to oppose the Maoists while they are in terai but they cast vote for the Maoists in the parliament,” Poudel said.
He also claimed that the people will not fall under the false assurances of the UCPN (Maoist).