Poll disruptors are terrorists: Chief Election Officer Uprety

Kathmandu: Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Neel Kantha Uprety has said that those inflicting fears through violent means were the ‘terrorists’.
Speaking at a programme organised by the Reporters Club Nepal today to unveil the charter signed by the political parties participating in the CA polls, CEC Uprety said that those targeting the civilians in the violence on the pretext of election boycott could not be termed anything except ‘terrorist’.
Leaders of all the parties including UCPN (Maoist) chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal, Nepali Congress (NC) president Sushil Koirala and CPN (UML) Chairman Jhalanath Khanal have endorsed the four-point charter of commitments to hold the election in free, fair and fearless manner.
Unveiling the charter, CEC Uprety said, “There is no other term except terrorist to those persons throwing petrol bombs to kill the innocent civilians. They are seditionist and they should be punished. They should not be let off the hook.” He added that the people will boycott those ‘terrorists’.  “Those terrorists are doom to lose and the democracy will win” said Uprety.
During the programme, Uprety also claimed that the voter turnout will exceed 80 per cent. “All of the voters have already made their mentality to go for voting. The election will succeed. Voters will vote in a way that the upcoming CA will not observe a failure,” Uprety argued.
Informing that all the poll related materials have already been ferried to the respective polling centers, CEC Uprety said that though there was a right for the dissenters to boycott the polls, they do not have the rights to stop other from voting.  Uprety said that the EC will take action against the candidates for violating the election code of conduct. “It may take time due to procedural delays, but action would be taken against those who violate code of conduct.”
During the programme, president of Reporters Club Nepal, Rishi Dhamala expressed his hope that the polls will be held on peaceful and fair manner as the political parties have expressed their commitment towards that end.