Violence under poll boycott pretext unpardonable, says Regmi

Kathmandu: Chairman Regmi has warned that those inflicting violence under the pretext of poll boycott would not be let off the hook. Addressing the nation this evening, Chairman Regmi said that those violent activities during the protest targeting the general public despite commitments to make it peaceful were inhumane and unpardonable.
Deploring the violent activities in the run up to the polls as inhumane, barbaric and anti-people, he vowed to take stern action against those involved in those activities.
“These deeds to torment the people in the name of people are deplorable,” said Regmi.
Stating that the violent activities of the parties in the democratic country cannot be of political nature, he opined that only those parties which move ahead following people’s aspiration will have their political future.
Chairman Regmi also expressed his sympathy and condolences to the injured and death during the course of boycott protest by the poll opposing parties.  Claiming that he made several sincere efforts to bring all forces on board the election of Constituent Assembly, he rued the refusal of the 33-party alliance to join the election process.
Noting that the CA will usher the country in the transformation process by ending the transitional period, he argued that the polls were necessary to give an outlet to the country.
Regmi said he was excited by the people’s defiance of banda imposed by the poll-opposign parties thereby making the public life smooth, he appealed one and all to cast their votes during the CA polls without any fear and hesitation.