Poll preparations completed

Kathmandu: Election Commission has completed all preparations for the CA polls slated for tomorrow. Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Neel Kantha Uprety is holding a special press conference today to inform the media about the completion of all election related preparations. Election Commission (EC) has said that ballot boxes and papers for first-post-the-pasta and proportional representation system have already reached all 18,438 polling centers, while the distribution of the voter ID cards to the registered voters is also going to be wrapped up today.
“EC has finished all the preparation for the polls,” CEC Uprety said. Claiming that the strong security measurements have been placed in the polling booths, Uprety urged voters to obtain the ID cards and cast their vote without a hitch.
The EC has also urged the media outlets to play a balanced and fair role during the CA polls.  Likewise, EC has appealed one and all to cast their votes stating that the Constituent Assembly election was more important than other periodic elections.