Vote without any fear, Minister Paudel urges voters

Kathmandu: Information and Communication Minister Madhav Prasad Paudel has urged the voters to cast their votes without any fear, claiming that the government has arranged full security to the voters to reach to the polling booths and return home safely.
Speaking at a face-to-face interaction programme organised by Reporters Club Nepal today in capital, Minister Paudel informed that the government has deployed nearly two hundred thousand security personnel across the country in highly sensitive, sensitive and normal areas.
Stating that each of the votes holds a significant value, he appealed all the voters to cast their votes. “The government has not left any stone unturned to ensure security for the voters. It is not appropriate to conclude that there was insecurity based upon some sporadic cases of violence. If this election is compared to the previous election, the cases of violence are comparatively low. So, the security is better than earlier polls,” he claimed. Minister Paudel also expressed his hopes that the political parties by drawing the lessons from erstwhile CA would draft the new constitution through the upcoming CA polls.
Meanwhile, Minister Paudel said that the Election Commission has not sent any letters to the government to take action against any television.