Bhattarai defends party’s dismal performance

Baburam Bhattarai Nepal PM

KATHMANDU: UCPN Maoist Vice Chairman Baburam Bhattarai defended his party’s defeat in the Constituent Assembly elections stating it necessarily was not due to the party’s agenda.

Bhattarai blamed the party’s defeat on the ‘misinterpretation’ of his party’s agenda including federalism, republicanism, identity, and progressive restructuring of the state by other political parties during the CA election campaign as the root cause for the party’s dismal performance.
“Despite the party’s defeat, I still believe that its agendas are appreciable and capable of bringing about national economic transformation,” Bhattarai said in a press statement released on Saturday.

In the statement the Maoist idealogue maintained that his party remained steadfast in protecting the rights of the oppressed groups and disadvantaged communities throughout the nation.

His statement came at a time when his party is mulling on boycotting the CA claiming that the party has been victimized by conspiracies during the CA election and that votes counted in the election were not the original vote casted.

However, Bhattarai in the statement pledged that his party’s agenda of drafting a progressive constitution through the Constituent Assembly will be fulfilled by it.

“Our agenda, including the CA, have become national agendas. We will try to empower the people and lead the country towards prosperity by being a part of the existing system,” Bhattarai said.