UML picking PR candidates

Kathmandu: CPN (UML) is continuing its discussion today to pick the names of the candidates for the CA member under the proportional representation (PR) electoral system. CPN (UML) leaders have said that the standing committee meeting held yesterday dwelled on other political agenda while it would chart out the measures today for choosing the members for the CA under PR from the list of 335 candidates submitted to the Election Commission.  Standing Committee Member of UML Amrit Kumar Bohora said that the meeting scheduled for today would discuss on the final names of the candidates. UML, which emerged as the second largest party towards the direct electoral system, has won 84 seats under the PR system.
“Since a certain number of candidates should be picked from a long list, criteria would be set first and the names would be selected according to the set criteria,” Bohora said. He added that today meeting would also decide who- either standing committee itself or central committee- would make a final call on the name of the candidates.
According to the electoral law, the party should fill 24 per cent candidates from Madhesi, 8 per cent Dalit, 29 per cent Janjati and 23 per cent from Other categories. Likewise, the party should maintain 50 per cent quota to the women candidates.
Similarly, it is learnt that UML is allocating one seat from one remote district.