UCPN Maoist backs Khushwaha’s inoncence

Siyaram Kushwaha, UCPN Maoist's Bhojpura State Committee and its Proportional Representation (PR) candidate arrested by police on murder charges.

KATHMANDU: The UCPN-Maoist has reiterated that its Bhojpura State Committee and also a Proportional Representation (PR) candidate Siyaram Kushwaha is not involved in the murder of Hindu Youth Association Chairman Kashi Tiwari, of Bhandara Chitwan.

The party on Thursday issued a press statement and called for immediate release of the Khusuwaha, who has been arrested by police after preliminary investigations pointed to his involvement in Tiwari’s murder on June 26, 2010.

The statement termed the arrest as an attempt to tarnish the party’s image and called for his early release.