Crime, Society and the Armed Police

Rudra Karki

RUDRA KARKI :  NEPALI society has evolved from simple rural life structures to complex urban lifestyles. With the rapid urbanization, modernization and westernization, has made lifestyles simpler as well as complex and some of the changes have made some people to lament for the lost ideals of Nepali society. With this rapid urbanization, crime and terrorist activities have also increased and so have the nature of security forces that Nepal has. When Armed Police Forces was established back in 1998, its objective was clearly to protect the nation against any internal aggression that included terrorist activities.

An article published by Krishna Kumar Tamang, Additional Inspector General (AIG), Chief of the Department of Border Security of the Armed Police Force , in APF’s special bulletin, strikingly compared as to how the APF is different from the civil police and to what extent the force has contributed in maintain order and security in the nation. Tamang’s concept of ‘preventive’ security distinctively differentiates APF from Nepal Police and other security forces.

This paper outlines how the APF has been backing security operations of Nepal Police to fulfill the overall and joint objective of maintaining security. A small instance that the paper pointed to is that while the APF provides security to circumstantial and primary evidences in the scene of crime, the Civil Police investigates the issue.

“Nevertheless, in maintaining law and order though APF supposedly should be backing the forefront first responder namely Nepal Police seldom outsiders negligently interpret otherwise. Once an order issue was there in favour of APF in terms of deployment in crime investigation illustrating for the primary case handling which meant the protection of crime scene till the arrival of crime investigation team naturally of Nepal Police. To which curiosity was to wonder how come it be possible. Perseverance and protection of evidence and exhibits is not the interference to Nepal Police job rather assistance for the time being until the presence of concern, lest they get tampered or spoiled. Crime Investigation related to judiciary and public handling part is complete out of track for APF,” Tamang says.

Nepal is presently in transition to peace from decade long armed violence. While its role during the insurgency had been primarily to confront terrorist activities, its activities in the present transition days still remains to confront any armed conflicts within the nation and also to protect the national border.

“Due to the improvement in the security situation and the curbing of criminal activities including the smuggling and trans-border crimes have remarkably been noticed with hike in revenue collection,” Tamang said.

Along with that the force has been providing security to the business and industrial community. A secure and well-protected business community renders hopes for a thriving business community that will contribute for the making of a thriving economy.



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