Yadav is acting President: Madhav Kumar Nepal

Biratnagar:  UML senior leader Madhav Kumar Nepal has commented that President Ram Baran Yadav is now become only an acting President.

Nepal has claimed that the President Dr. Ram Baran Yadav was elected by the 1st CA. he added, “This CA can’t recognize the term of President Yadav and therefore is an acting president.”

He staid that President Yadav is well aware of the facts and acussed Nepali Congress has raised its unnecessary debates over the continuation of President and Vice-President. He clarified that his party has raised its demands of change the President as accorded in the Interim Constitution, while speaking at the press conference in Biratnagar.

In a concern of Dr. Govinda KC’s 8 days long hunger strike for the development of whole institution while demanding its 7-points demands, leader Nepal has said that he is also positive on KC’s demands. He said, “Government should be serious on the demands of Dr. Govinda KC.”