Nepal gets another 72 municipalities

Singha Durbar

KATHMANDU- A cabinet meeting on Thursday has announced 72 new municipalities which included 41 declared earlier but unimplemented.

With this announcement, the number of municipalities all over the country has reached to 130.

However, the announcement of four proposed municipalities –Manthali of Ramechhap, Shankharapur of Kathmandu, Karya Binayak and Champapur of Lalitpur districts–could not take place due to criterion disputes.

The government has formed a Municipal Area Allocation and Recommendation Committee under the coordination of Principal Keshav Nanda Giri to settle the disputes and recommend the VDCs that fulfill the infrastructural criteria to be a municipality.

The members of the committee include Joint- Secretary at the Ministry that looks after the municipality division, Joint- Secretary at Urban Development Ministry, deputy general director at Department of Survey, Chairman of the municipality association and vice secretary and member secretary of the Ministry’s municipality division.

The committee has been given one month time to submit its recommendation.