Prachanda offers a chair of party to Mohan Baidhya

Kathmandu, May 16. Chairman of UCPN-Maoist Pushpa Kamal Dahal prachanda said he was ready to handover the leadership to CPN-Maoist Chairman Mohan Baidhya to ensure unity among the progressive and revolutionaries power.

While addressing an interaction program on Thursday at Capital, entitled “Developing a single communist centre: Possibilities and Challenges” organised by CPN-M-aligned All Nepal National Independent Students Union-Revolutionary led by Sharad Rasaili, UCPN-Maoist chair Prachanda
said he was ready to hand over the party’s leadership to the person who had been offered the post of general secretary, earlier. He recalled the nostalgic of previous when had been offered the general secretary by Baidhya.

Prachanda was hinting at CPN-M Chairman Mohan Baidhya, who is also his political mentor. Both Dahal and Baidhya seemed emotional when Dahal said he was ready to contribute to the party as staying in the common cadre position.

While in the same occasion both Maoist parties have agreed to initiate unification campaign by forging a  working alliance. Dahal said if the communists failed to unite, the Nepali communist movement would be terminated. He said “Forces who waged people’s war should take the initiative to set up the communist centre,”. Adding that he was ready to take the responsibility for all his mistakes that led to the downfall of the communist  movement in Nepal. He, held that building one communist centre could be the last option ahead for all Nepali communists.

Similarly CPN-Moist Chairman Mohan Baidhya has stressed that for the parties to unite, the political line should be common. Therefore, for now, there could be a working alliance among Maoist parties. He added “We must refrain from two extremes – demand that everything should be common; and unity even with different party lines,”. Stressing that the process of unification could take time with the narrowing of political lines. He read out the six bases endorsed by the party’s politburo for unification with like-minded parties. He, however, opposed the idea of party unity with CPN-UML, claiming that UML was not a communist party.

Likewise Chairman of CPN (Maoist) Matrika Yadav said without cleaning up the grudges among leaders, unification was not possible. He said both top leaders of CPN-M and UCPN-M should declare that they were going for working alliance right from today.

In the same occasion, General Secretary of Revolutionary Communist Party Mani Thapa said the communist movement in Nepal would end if parties supporting the people’s war didn’t unite.He has focused on to correct the  principles.

Dr Surendra KC, however, said the chaos in the Maoist parties sometimes forces us to think whether the accusation of some intellectuals that the people’s war was sponsored, could be true.