Thapa warns of war if his party ignored

Kathmandu, May 25. Rastriya Prajatantra Party-Nepal(RPP-N) Chairman Kamal Thapa today warned major political parties not to opt for secularism, republicanism and ethnic federalism.

Delivering the inaugural speech at the first general convention of the party that kicked off at Khula Manch today, Thapa said his party had the courage and power to restore deposed king Gyanendra at the Narayanhiti Palace but ‘since ours is a democratic party, it is waiting for a democratic resolution of the issue in the new CA’.

“We need change but that should not take place at the cost of old values, identity and traditions,” Thapa clarified. “We are for Sanatan Dharma with equal respect for all religions.”

Republicanism, secularism and ethnic federalism, he added, were not the original agendas of any of the three parties — the Unified CPN-Maoist, the Nepali Congress and the CPN-UML. “They are only carrying the voice of foreign elements,” he said. “If required, we will expose who imposed these agendas on these three parties.” If people’s opinion is sought, Thapa added, at least 80 per cent populace will vote for Sanatan Dharma and Hindu state. “Our situation now is like that of Pandav’s in the Mahabharat (the epic battle) who only asked for five villages and when Duryodhan refused to oblige, we all know what happened,” Thapa said in an oblique reference to what they can do if their demands were not met.

The RPP-N chair said the 12-point agreement was ‘an unholy alliance’ which caused abolition of monarchy without any legal basis for it. “A majority of people are in favour of constitutional monarchy and their sentiment should be respected in the new constitution,” he argued.

Senior leader of the party Bishwabandhu Thapa said secularism and republicanism were not the mandates of the 12-point agreement, and therefore, people’s opinion should be sought for these agendas.

Another senior leader Keshar Bahadur Bishta said media were spreading rumours that RPP-N would give up its agendas of constitutional monarchy, Hindu state and undivided Nepal. “People have reposed faith in our party for these agendas and we will never betray them,” he argued.

Delivering congratulatory message, Nepali Congress representative Minendra Rijal said his party was against politics of negation. He said his party was for winning trusts of all the forces within and outside the CA. “We do not want to negate anybody but we cannot undermine the people’s vote either,” Rijal said.

In the occasion, UCPN-Maoist’s leader Dinanath Sharma has also urged to the RPP-Nepal for the politics of consensus.